Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory

Whether you're a beginner looking for basic knowledge in music theory to learn how to improvise on the guitar or perhaps you'd like to understand more theory in order to create different sounding chord progressions for your songs.

Maybe you need to pass grade 5 theory in order to get into university, or maybe you just want to understand how scales work. All levels of music theory are useful, and my lessons can be tailored depending on what you'd like to learn or achieve.


Here is a list of some of the topics I like to cover. 

  • How to read music.

  • Learn how to sightread. 

  • The major scale.

  • The pentatonic scale in context.

  • How scales are used in improvisation. 

  • Understanding keys & diatonic harmony.

  • How chords have different functions and purposes. 


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Hillsborough, Sheffield, UK

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If you are searching for guitar lessons in Sheffield, or online I would love to help.

Whether you are beginner just starting out, or an intermediate player looking to improve, I am always maintaining a progressive attitude towards music education, it is my goal to stay current in the ever changing world of music to ensure that I can meet your needs and requirements. I am constantly looking to develop new ways of helping my students learn the guitar and provide as much knowledge through fun and creative mediums. 

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