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Online Lessons
Online Guitar Lessons

£13 for a 30 minute lesson

£24 for a 1 hour lesson


Lessons are provided using Zoom and can be accessed using a computer phone or tablet, a computer is recommended for better results.


I use a website called soundslice during my lessons which allows me to share interactive music on screen so my students can play along in real time whilst following the on screen que's. Material can also be shared with students using a special link so they can practice using the same website in between lessons. 

All ages are welcome, I specialise in indie, pop, rock, blues and jazz guitar for beginners to intermediate players and cover a vast amount of styles and techniques during my lessons.  Examples include:


  • Learning the names of guitar parts

  • How to tune a guitar

  • How to use a guitar pick

  • Learn how to read music

  • Guitar chords

  • Guitar scales

  • Hammer ons, pull-offs, tapping, sliding.

  • Using capos and slides.

  • Getting great guitar tones from your amp/guitar setup.

  • Recording music and writing songs.


Click the button below to sign up for lessons! 

Online Guitar Class
Online Guitar Class
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