Guitar Lessons

All ages are welcome, I specialise in indie, pop, rock, blues and jazz guitar for beginners to intermediate players and cover a vast amount of styles and techniques during my lessons.  Examples include:


  • Learning the names of guitar parts

  • How to tune a guitar

  • How to use a guitar pick

  • Learn how to read music

  • Guitar chords

  • Guitar scales

  • Hammer ons, pull-offs, tapping, sliding.

  • Using capos and slides (or "bottle-necks").

  • Getting great guitar tones from your amp/guitar setup.

  • Recording music and writing songs.


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Hillsborough, Sheffield, UK

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About Morton Guitar Lessons

If you are searching for guitar lessons in Sheffield, or online I would love to help.

Whether you are beginner just starting out, or an intermediate player looking to improve, I am always maintaining a progressive attitude towards music education, it is my goal to stay current in the ever changing world of music to ensure that I can meet your needs and requirements. I am constantly looking to develop new ways of helping my students learn the guitar and provide as much knowledge through fun and creative mediums. 

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